essential keys


Whenever you need guidance, shuffle these cards and draw one to get the message you need to hear. åÊEach card and phrase is connected to one of our 80+ blends which can be used in conjunction with the card you have choosen. åÊThese keys make it fun to figure out which blends you, or a friend or family member, need for a situation, as it allows the intutive process to reveal the perfect solution.

  • 100 cards in one box.
  • MadeåÊexclusivelyåÊexclusivelyåÊfor use with our essential oils.
  • Makes choosing the right oil easy.
  • Helps friends and family members alike.
  • Connected to pure guidance.

Follow these instructions below to being using the essential keys:åÊ

  1. If you need guidance or want to reveal which synergy you need for a situation, person or yourself.....
  2. Hold the object in mind, shuffle the keys 3 times, lay them face down and draw the key magnetizing you.
  3. The phrase on the card is the key to unlocking a solution. åÊSearch the phrase on dharmaceuticals.com, in the search box that says "search".
  4. Type in the phrase within ‰ÛÏquotations‰۝ for a specific result which will lead to a key synergy just for you.
  5. The words may also be contemplated before, during, individually and after use of the guided synergy.

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