raw skin care oil


You've got to feel it to believe it!

Respond to aging stresses and promote longevity with our all natural raw skin care oil by the aurelialex private spa serieså¨. It helps to regenerate, protect and maintain a lush, more ageless appearance for stronger, smoother skin - glowing with life.

  • An exceptionally luxurious serum that brings incomparable time-defying benefits overnight
  • Heals the appearance of wrinkles, dullness, uneven texture and loss of firmness
  • May be used before application of cosmetics to protect the skin and boost the appearance of makeupåÊ
  • Soothes skin irritation and builds a rich antioxidant reserve to help replenish skin's natural protectantsåÊ
  • Antioxidant properties dramatically lighten age spots and prevent future formation of uneven-toned skin
  • Astringent properties have been reported to deal with cases of couperose
  • Neutralizes up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals (uv, air pollution, etc.)
  • Heals the 'permanent' past damage and prevents future damage of the skin
  • Delivers high levels of hydration

raw skin care oil is a 100% pure, therapeutic grade cosmetic that is directed at dissolving wrinkles, hydrating dry skin and healing sun or chemical damage. It can also heal dull skin from a lifetime of using toxic creams and artificial cosmetics. Its antioxidant properties lighten brown and age spots while it's astringent properties deal with conditions like couperose.

When massaged daily on the skin or other body parts, the raw skin care oil can also dissolve scar tissue on the surface and upper layers of the skin. So you can soften the hardened tissues that contribute to dullness and aging. The effects of this cosmetic also incorporate the therapeutic proponents of our healing essential oils.

For those of you who wear makeup everyday, we suggest you try to keep your skin care regime as pure as possible. raw skin care oil makes that easy for you, and in the long-run you will be happy you have used this product.

Anyone who is interested in having lush, beautiful skin through a raw and all-natural approach must have this product.

If you love organic food, you will want raw skin care oil - you have to feel it to believe it! Replace your current moisturizer and night-time cream and get a bottle of this!

Light-weight, non-comedogenic,åÊfood grade rosa rubiginosa oil,
åÊtherapeutic grade essential oils ofåÊlavender, myrrh, neroli, geraniumåÊand Vitamin E.

Essential Key
"you've got to feel it to believe it!"

Aromatherapy Applications

Apply on a freshly washed face or after a warm shower. There are many benefits to having this smooth base before application of makeup as it is a 100% chemical-free shield. This will calm, balance and harmonize your skin - boosting the effects of your make-up and protecting from free radicals.

Men can also use this after shaving for a soothing and anti-aging effect.

As a superior night product it delivers an astonishing surge of moisture. come morning, the skin looks lush, alive and feels remarkably soft.

How to use

  • Apply every night on clean skin (can replace your moisturizer)
  • Use several drops
  • Smooth in gently all over face and neck
  • Use everyday
  • Don't miss a night!


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